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Staying Cool with Charlie
Charlie The Urban Pup


Grand Master Chill, The Urban Pup

So guys, we’re in the midst of the summer, and we’ve had some really hot days! It’s really important not to get too hot, because our humans don’t want us getting sick. If you’re like me, and struggle in the heat sometimes, here are some top tips for keeping cool on summer days!

1. Chill Indoors!

Spend the warmest parts of the day chilling indoors! During the warmest days I get my Mom and Dad up really early and take a leisurely stroll before it gets too hot. If you’re not exactly a morning doggo, nothing beats a nightime stroll under the moon. To stay amused indoors, I take refuge in The Urban Pup’s Daycare, which stays cool all day long, and I get to play with all of my best pals.

Dog Daycare Galway

Air con! Glorious, glorious air con!

2. Get Freezing!

Ice Treats

Plenty of space in that freezer for some of my ice pops. I’ll take that ice cream too, if it’s going!

During the heat, ice is my best friend. Sometimes my people put little ice cubes in my water bowl and even make me little frozen ice pops! To make these all they do is take my favourite dry food, Simpsons Premium Sensitive range, pop a few pieces into an ice pop tray, top up with water and put in the freezer! If you’ve been a really good boy or girl, sometimes your people might even add some tasty Simpson’s meaty treats or pieces of your favourite vegetables. These are great for keeping cool and to keep me busy for a few minutes.

3. Show off that Summer Bod!

Get Swimming

Hey Girl…

Being a lab, I love nothing more than getting my speedos on and going for a dip in the sea. Swimming is great for my cardio, and my joints, as well as for keeping cool. If you’re not as much of a water baby as me, try paddling in shallower waters with your human strolling beside you, or ask them to invest in a shallow paddling pool for the garden that you can splash around in. Just remember, always avoid being out during the hottest part of the day, even if you are in the water.

One of my favourite ways of cooling down, while kickin’ it with my pals, was at one of The Urban Pup’s legendary pool parties!

Dog Daycare Galway Pool Parties Dog Enrichment

Chillin’ at the Urban Pup’s Legendary Pool Parties!

4. Avoid hanging about in the car!

Stay out of that car

Isn’t this much better than that warm car?

If you’re on a road trip with your human, air con blasting, and tunes pumping, then great! However, if your human parks up somewhere, don’t let them leave you in the car, even if the windows are left open. Cars get too hot, too quick and us dogs overheat faster than you can even imagine. So either kick it in the house with your paws up, or get your humans to bring you with them when they park the car.

5. Get your human doing some arts and crafts!

I love to mess about with toys, especially that I can chew or play tug with. Try asking your human to take some old strips of fabric, knot at both ends and plait in the middle. If they dip the newly made rope toy in some water, or low sodium meat stock and pop it in the freezer, these are a super icy treat to mess about with. Always remember with dog toys, especially DIY ones, that your humans supervise you.

Dog Toy Ahoy

If you stick your tongue out, they might just give us the rest of the meat stock too!

Follow these tips to keep your temperature down, and maybe someday you can be as cool as me.

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