Video Call Consultations


The initial idea of launching our video call consultations came about with the start of the COVID-19 virus.

These consultations allow owners to begin or continue training with their dogs/puppies, despite the current pandemic. Over our 45 minute video calls, we discuss in-depth and prioritise each individuals’ issues and training plans we recommend. We put these training plans in place and send a follow up report including homework and exercises to work on.

We will contact you after we receive your booking to arrange a suitable time for your Video Call Consultation. Calls last approximately 45 minutes.

By purchasing this consultation, you are agreeing to allow us to contact you by telephone or email for the purposes of arranging a date and time for the consultation, and again for the consultation itself.


We cover all types of training and advice including but not limited to:

  • Thinking about getting a dog: The ins and outs before you take the plunge

  • Perfect Puppy Training: The basics for you and your new canine arrival

  • Prenatal Pooch Prep: Preparing you and your dog for a new human arrival

  • Lead Reactivity: Does your peaceful walk turn into a frustrated nightmare?

  • Separation anxiety: For the pooch who hates being alone

  • Trick training: With all of this extra time, why not teach your dog something cool?


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