The Urban Pup Post – What better way to reward the most loving friend in your life, than with a monthly subscription pack of pure joy!?

The Urban Pup Post Pack comes once a month and includes an exciting selection of superb quality toys and treats of various types. With at least 3 toys, and 3 treats per pack, this is great value for money. You have the chance to be exposed to brands your dog may have never seen before, and you never know what to expect!

In no time, your delivery man will go from arch nemesis, to best pal!

You have the choice of buying a a single box or signing up to a 3 or 6 month subscription at a reduced price.
Boxes purchased before the 15th of every month will ship on the 20th. Those purchased after the 15th will ship the following month.

Single box: €31.99 (plus shipping)

3 month subscription: €29.99/box (plus shipping)

6 month subscription: €27.99/box (plus shipping)