Bin the Bowl: Canine Enrichment Series

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Karl The Urban Pup

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The King of Canine Enrichment

Bin the Bowl

The Urban Pup’s #BinTheBowl Campaign

Here at The Urban Pup, they call me “The King of Canine Enrichment” and I want to persuade all dog owners to bin those boring dog bowls and start fun feeding times with their dogs. But why?

  • It uses mental stimulation to tire us doggos out

  • Builds a stronger bond with you, the human

  • We become (even more) creative and learn independently

  • It’s a great way to keep us calm and relaxed

  • It’s fun!

  • Direct our focus to the tasks on hand, helping us elimate behavioural problems such as excessive chewing, excessive barking, counter surfing, dumpster diving and much, much more

Stay tuned over the coming days, weeks and months for inspiration and ideas on how to do exactly this!

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